Book through international websites

When planning your international trip, consider booking your tour package through international websites rather than domestic travel agents or online portals. By doing so, you can avoid the imposition of TCS altogether, as long as your payments are made using an international debit or credit card.

Utilize the Rs 7 lakh threshold:

Take advantage of the threshold limit of Rs 7 lakh on international debit or credit cards. Ensure that your individual payments for tour packages remain within this limit to qualify for the exemption from TCS. This allows you to enjoy your trip without the burden of additional taxes.

Explore alternative payment methods:

If you prefer to book through domestic travel agents or online portals, consider alternative payment methods to minimize the impact of TCS. For example, you can use international debit or credit cards to make partial payments within the Rs 7 lakh threshold, and pay the remaining amount through other means that do not attract TCS.